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Yes, g0k needs help. Those who contribute to this project do this in their spare time, with spare resources. They do it for the love of creating new things. They do it out of curiosity and a desire to learn. And they do it simply for the love of knowledge, the realization of the potential of mankind, and a desire to make the world just a bit better every day. If you've looked at the information on this site, and like what you see, or even think you might be interested in learning more, or feel you want to get involved, there are many ways to do it. This page will list some common ways to help, look it over and see if you can find a niche that interests you.

- Distributed Computing Resources -

For most people, the easiest way to contribute is to donate processor cycles and peer to peer bandwidth to the project. This can currently be done in a couple of ways, and many more ways are in the works. The main way is to download the Screensaver Application, and let it run when your computer is idle. It is currently only available for Windows platforms, but a GNU version is in the works. The screensaver will display some trivial graphic or other interesting information, but in the background perform various tasks associated with the project. These tasks currently amount to very little, but eventually more and more useful work will be contributed by the membership of peers.

- Creative, Promotional, and Organizational Tasks -

These are the nuts and bolts of the project. There are many varieties of tasks that run the gamut from programming in many languages and on many platforms, C/C++, html, PHP, SQL, Java, peer to peer networking, graphics, audio, Windows and GNU/Linux application development all the way over to planning, structural and conceptual tasks, documentation, promotion, and organization. These tasks are being worked out, some are more detailed than others, and the best way to find out what sorts of tasks are available is to go to the forums and begin to dig in. The ways to get involved are detailed there, or will soon be. You can read the introductory material and then you will need to register for the forums to get access to further content, which will eventually detail what tasks are available concerning your interests. Do not expect participation in the project to be a financially profitable venture, it is not meant to be profitable in the normal sense of the word.

- Financial and Material -

No means have been set up to handle these methods of contribution, but it can be foreseen that these sorts of contributions can and will be welcome. In the future it is probable there will be means to contribute in this manner. Once again, the forums will detail some more ways to contribute, or email is always available to request information.

- Contributors -

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